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While you’re here, take a moment to preview the next book in the Journey of Fate Series, Fate of the Watchman.


Trapped in a single moment of time, a callous workaholic will face himself and the world he’s ignored.

Lester Sharp is obsessed with the success of his business and oblivious to the world around him, but all of that is about to change when time freezes and he finds a dead body.

Draven appears to be a beggar looking for help, but when he appears outside the home of a dead man, that perception will quickly be shattered.

Time may have stopped, but for this odd couple reality and suffering has not.


What readers are saying:

FATE OF THE WATCHMAN has just the right amount of graphic reality and displays just the right amount of hopelessness to highlight the pure, revitalizing redemption at the end. This is a book that encourages prayer and action working hand-in-hand, and if you let it, Lester's story will inspire a self-examination that leads you ultimately to bow your knees at Jesus' feet. - Kristiana Sfirlea, from Amazon Review

Chad's prose is skillfully woven together into a picturesque and unforgettable tale of hope, rescue, and reformation. - Jenn, from Amazon Review

What Christopher Nolan did for Batman to make it realistic and bring the truth of the modern world to a story we are all familiar with, Chad Pettit did for this type of story, and made it so much better. - Mrs. Y, from Amazon Review