Chad is a Christian Fiction Author of fantasy and biblical stories woven with elements of suspense and the supernatural.  

His books, blog articles, and devotions seek to pull back the curtain on spiritual warfare and equip people to silence the enemy voices of guilt, fear, and shame.


Chad grew up lost in the world of fantasy fiction but alienated from a knowledge of God. With no real direction in his life, he shipped out for basic training twelve days after high school. He continued down a path of sin and destruction through two combat tours to Iraq, but then God pulled back the blinders, and he met his Lord and Savior.

One passion that never left him was his love for fiction, and in 2013, he went back to school and earned his degree in English. This helped him develop his craft, spending long hours pounding away at the keys until his battles with guilt, fear, and shame came alive on the page.

Now he is on a mission to pull back the curtain on spiritual warfare and show others how to overcome trials through faith and start living their best lives for God.



Living Your Best Life

Chad knows what it’s like to slog through the day-to-day routine of a job he hated. He’s been pretty far down, but he also knows what it’s like to turn it all around, go back to school as an adult with a full-time job and four kids, and start a new career. He didn’t just do it; he’s been successful with a great career in teaching and becoming established as an author.

Spiritual Warfare

Chad has been gifted by God to understand the significance of spiritual warfare and wants to guide others into Biblical doctrine and practical truths every follower of Christ needs to know.

The Persecuted Church

Chad is a supporter of The Voice of the Martyrs and other organizations that provide aid to the persecuted church. He has a goal of raising awareness about the trials and tribulations Christians face in a world that continues to grow hostile toward them.

Overcoming Trials

Chad’s son was born four months premature and lived on the edge of death, teaching Chad to live in the hollow of God’s hand. From moving across country with no job or home, to a restored marriage that was doomed, to dealing with the lasting effects of two combat tours, he is no stranger to trials of faith.


  • Traditionally published author with Ambassador International.

  • Professional educator at one of the top early college high schools in the state of Texas.

  • Academic and writing awards from Texas A&M University - Central Texas and Isothermal Community College.


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