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A Bathroom, a Penny, and a Magazine Part Five

The Tweet that Changed my Life

You know how you say things, but you don't really mean it in a literal sense?

Some of these things are just customs, colloquialisms, and figures of speech. For example, you tell someone you're going to talk to them later, but you know you won't see them or talk to them for several days or ever. One of my favorite sayings that we toss around is "God can use anything he wants to do his work." We usually say that when we're trying to encourage a person experiencing doubt. We don't always mean anything!

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A Bathroom, a Penny, and a Magazine Part Four

The Magazine

It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. It took America's top scientists and engineers almost a decade to get a man on the moon (or a secret location near White Sands for my conspiracy theory peeps). It took Noah decades, maybe more than a Century, to build the ark. 

My point? Not everything is done overnight. Some things are built over a lifetime, and that's what makes them worth it. All great things, though, seem to have a breakthrough moment, a time when the vision is clear and the purpose begins to drive the vision. 

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