Coffee with a Devil Part Two


coffee with a devil

A Story in Serial - Part Two

This is part two of the serial story I’m currently writing. If you have not read part one, you might want to go check that out first. Click here to read it now. This is a story you get to help me write by providing your feedback in the comments or by sending me a message through my Contact page. If I like your ideas, they might just end up in the story, or I might name one of the characters after you!

Part Two:

The Demons

“The human grows weaker, lord.”

 Seated comfortably, looking into the bloodshot eyes of Viggo Moretti, Abaddon didn’t bother to acknowledge, Corsis, the imp who had whispered in his ear. He smiled, draped his arm over the back of the chair and crossed his slender but powerful legs.   

“Does he truly know you are here, lord?”

Abaddon let the smile fall into a frown and raised a hand to silence Corsis. “He thinks he does, but he doubts. Even as he speaks to me, he doubts whether it is real or all in his imagination.”

Viggo set his mug down far enough in front of him so that he could fold his arms on the tabletop. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

Abaddon tilted his head back and laughed. When he had gathered himself once more, he sighed before responding. “Me? Or all of us?”

“No, lord!” 

Corsis stepped forward, and Abaddon backhanded him across the cheek. The imp would have been thrown across the diner with the force of that slap had he not fluttered his small wings. Abaddon heard the sound of the wings and turned in the direction of the sound. Corsis was sulking back to the table, back to his master’s side. Abaddon gave an approving nod but didn’t bother to acknowledge the other demons in the room.

“Why do you torture me?” 

Abaddon turned his attention back to Viggo. The poor creature’s face was twisted in anguish. His balding hair was a tangled mess, and the stubble on his chin added to the careless look of the overburdened, sleep-deprived man. Abaddon rose from the chair and walked around the table. He gently caressed Viggo’s neck with his sharp claws, drawing a shudder. He bent down and whispered into his ear.

“You know why.”

Viggo’s reply was difficult to interpret, choked up as it was when the man began to weep. “I know you’re here. Please, just leave me alone.”

Abaddon stood and let his hand slide away from Viggo’s neck. As he rose to his full height once more, his eyes met with the one at the back of the room. Standing behind the counter, in front of the kitchen window, he was surrounded by demons ranging in size and class from nearly insects to almost human in appearance to what man had come to consider giants.

Abaddon’s confident smile was erased along with his sense of absolute power when he saw the one. 

When the one saw him.

To be continued…

This is the unedited, rough draft. All feedback is welcome. Tell me where you think the story might be going, and make sure to follow the blog so you can be the first to read part three. What would you like to see happen next?

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