Fear is strong enough to render even an angel powerless.

Orac is one of the most powerful princes in the angelic host, but when he comes face to face with his worst fears, the warrior will learn the pain of defeat.

Harold Sharp loves his wife, but every man has his weakness. Without Orac to battle the demons of lust, fear, and anger, he might just be pushed beyond temptation and into regret.

Draven is an angelic watcher with a far too human attitude. A silent observer barred from the gates of heaven for centuries, now the fate of his commander and millions more may rest on his mighty, chameleon shoulders.

Filled with suspense, this prequel to the Journey of Fate series unveils the millenniums old battle between the forces of darkness and light for the souls of man.

What readers are saying about Angel of Fate

”I fully expected to enjoy a good read, but have been deeply inspired and moved by this snapshot of the unseen realm and the reality of warfare. In a CS Lewis / Charles Sheldon fashion, Chad somehow manages to take a mystical idea and make it quite tangible, using plenty of suspense and great literary finesse.” - Jennifer K Woodard, Author

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