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About Chad Pettit

Chad is a Christian Fiction Author of fantasy and biblical stories woven with elements of suspense and the supernatural.

His books, blog articles, and devotions seek to pull back the curtain on spiritual warfare and equip people to silence the enemy voices of guilt, fear, and shame.

He was born and raised in Oregon, except for an awesome couple of years in Idaho that included playing Star Wars on the edge of a Nez Perce reservation. Growing up with clear views of the far off mountains and a love for reading instilled by his mother fueled his passion for intense storytelling in fantastical settings.

He’s also a singer…in the shower and at red lights. He is an amazing dancer, but no living person has ever had the refined vision necessary to acknowledge that. Because those talents are not recognized, he teaches English to pay for his obsession with chai tea.

He lives in Central Texas with his wife and four sons. There’s also a dog, but he doesn’t drink chai. Chad’s oldest son is in his freshman year of college and plays football. His youngest son is constantly working on new stand up material and is sure to say the craziest thing possible as soon as you take a sip of anything.

Like his stories, Chad’s life is anything but dull.


Twelve days after graduating high school, Chad joined the Army, became an Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortarman), and went on to establish a successful career that included two combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, he decided to change directions, and got out of the military after ten years.

Things got rough for a few years, and his family bounced around to different jobs and even between states. Fed up with mediocrity and feeling like he wasn’t living up to his full potential, Chad decided to go back to school for Mechanical Engineering, which turned out to be a nightmare. That was a gut punch, but after a monumental moment when his wife challenged him at the core of his faith, Chad changed his major to English and began pursuing a lifelong dream of writing.

Fast forward to the present. He is a high school English teacher, published poet, previously self-published author, and now a traditionally published author through Ambassador International. 

Path to Publication

Chad was previously a self-published author, but is now traditionally published. That road hasn’t been easy. There’s way too much information to try and summarize it here, which is why Chad wrote a five-part blog series about how his latest book, Fate of the Watchman, came to be. If you really want to know more about Chad, his struggles with faith and fear, his trials and triumphs, you should start there. Here’s a link, so you don’t have to dig around for it: A Bathroom, a Penny, and a Magazine