Chad Pettit
Chad Pettit
Christian fiction author of supernatural suspense
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About Chad Pettit

Chad is a Christian Fiction Author of fantasy and biblical stories woven with elements of suspense and the supernatural.

His books, blog articles, and devotions seek to pull back the curtain on spiritual warfare and equip people to silence the enemy voices of guilt, fear, and shame.

He was born and raised in Oregon, except for an awesome couple of years in Idaho that included playing Star Wars on the edge of a Nez Perce reservation. Growing up with clear views of the far off mountains and a love for reading instilled by his mother fueled his passion for intense storytelling in fantastical settings.

He’s also a singer…in the shower and at red lights. He is an amazing dancer, but no living person has ever had the refined vision necessary to acknowledge that. Because those talents are not recognized, he teaches English to pay for his obsession with chai tea.

Chad’s Books

Chad currently has three novellas available, and his 2019 release is in the works! His fantasy debut, Fate of the Watchman, was also his first traditionally published book through Ambassador International. His other books, Through the Needle and The Gadarene, are stand alone books but are part of a thematic series called “The Song of the Risen.”  

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Latest Blog post

Satan’s Mighty Men

Understanding the enemies of God

Most people familiar with the Bible, or those who have been in church for any length of time, are familiar with the term “mighty men.” We hear sermons about David’s mighty men and how they were champions for their king. This stirs us to action as we are encouraged to be warriors for Christ and honor him with our lives. We’re exhorted to be like them but in spiritual warfare rather than the physical battles those unique men fought.

But are there other types of mighty men?


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