Chad is a Christian fiction author, poet, and teacher.  He is the author of The Song of the Risen Series and the upcoming release, Fate of the Watchman. His goal is to bring hope to a hopeless world through the power of words and empower Christians to live out their faith the way God intended: fearlessly and with compassion. 

His books help people to grow closer to Christ through very human characters that live in worlds where life and faith collide.


Chad was born and raised in Oregon, except for an awesome couple of years in Idaho that included running completely wild on the edge of a Nez Perce reservation. Growing up with clear views of the far off mountains helped develop his imagination, and the solitude of a youth devoid of electronics gave him the chance to read and cultivate a passion for fiction.

Twelve days after graduating high school, Chad joined the Army, became an Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortarman), and went on to establish a successful career that included two combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, he decided to change directions, and got out of the military after ten years.

Things got rough for a few years, and he and his family bounced around to different jobs and even between states. Fed up with mediocrity and feeling like he wasn’t living up to his full potential, Chad decided to go back to school for Mechanical Engineering, which turned out to be a nightmare. That was a gut punch, but after a monumental moment when his wife challenged him at the core of his faith, he changed his major to English and began pursuing a lifelong dream of writing.

Fast forward to the present. Chad is a high school English teacher, published poet, previously self-published author, and now soon to be traditionally published author through Ambassador International. 

He lives in the Central Texas area with his wife and four boys. He is also a deacon and Sunday School superintendent. His wife is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and his oldest son is on a scholarship to play football at Texas Wesleyan.