Chad Pettit
Chad Pettit
Christian fiction author of supernatural suspense

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Before time froze, angels and demons battled for a man’s soul.

Hidden among the rooftops of a dark city, the archangel, Orac watches as a lone vehicle travels into the night. Armed with his fiery sword and orders to protect the driver of the vehicle at all costs, Orac takes flight. He seizes on the element of surprise to defeat the demon, Talnuc, but soon discovers that the demon is not alone…

”I fully expected to enjoy a good read, but have been deeply inspired and moved by this snapshot of the unseen realm and the reality of warfare. In a CS Lewis / Charles Sheldon fashion, Chad somehow manages to take a mystical idea and make it quite tangible, using plenty of suspense and great literary finesse.” - Jennifer K Woodard, Author

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About Chad

Chad is a Christian Fiction Author of suspense woven with the supernatural.

His books, blog articles, and devotions seek to pull back the curtain on spiritual warfare and equip people to silence the enemy voices of guilt, fear, and shame.